The Snob

About the snob

My name is Tim and I live in the Netherlands.
Since I do not want to update this page every year, I will not mention my age, but for legal reasons: It is far above the legal drinking age in my country.

I work with tech and digital content, and as such, I just could not help myself going online with my hobby: Whisky. Therefore this blog started as a fun hobby for me to combine two things.

All  bottles mentioned on this site have been bought by myself or have been gifted by friends/family. If that would change in the future (For collaboration, see the "contact me" on this page.), I will mention this in the post regarding the bottle.

Now about the name: Am I really a snob?
Some would say yes, others would say no. I do like to pretend I am. What I do know, is that the name started as a joke and stuck. Too late to change it now.
However, I will never judge someone mixing whisky with a cola, drinking it with ice, from a mug or buying within a certain price range.
That's just not OK. Everybody should just enjoy whisky in the way they like and are able to. And that also describes me the best:

Just a guy that enjoys whisky.  

Want to reach out or collaborate on something? Contact me by email or DM me on Instagram. Details are on the bottom of this page.

Certified Whisky Ambassador

When in lockdown, I spend, like most other people, much more time online than usual.
While browsing I got an advertisement promoting a "Whisky Ambassador" course.
Normally, I wouldn't consider something like this, because life was busy enough already. But this time, I was at home, in need of something more than Netflix and decided to go for it. And it kickstarted me into learning again. I got the course book and started reading. Next to the course, I started buying books, reading blogs, watching video's. I immersed myself into the big barrel of whisky stories. And loved every single part of it. But then I had the day of the exams. Yes, plural. First a test on the "theory", then a blind tasting test. The hard work I put into it rewarded me with two passed exams on the first try. So now I can call myself a certified whisky ambassador!

Read more about it on their website

EWA Certified Scotch Whisky

After the Whisky Ambassador, and joining some whisky clubs and a member of the SMWS, I still wanted to learn more.
Someone told me about the EWA, the Edinburgh Whisky Academy.
This fully online course took be back to studying and after serveral modules I did the test. And I passed!
So i can also claim a certificate in Scotch whisky!

Read more about it on their website

Contact me

If you want to reach out to me to talk, please do! I would love to discuss whisky!
Want to share a dram? Let  me know!
Meet up at an event? I'm up for it!
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