Dalwhinnie BBQ sauce

I love to grill on my Kamado style grill. But you need some nice sauce to go with it right?
Well, based on the Glaze, I decided to make it into a BBQ sauce.



Take a small pan and put the ketchup, ketjap and Apple syrup in the pan. Turn on the heat on low temperature and stir until all the ingredients are mixed
Add the whisky and stir it with the other ingredients.
Warm the sauce on medium to low hight and make sure it does not boil or gets to a cooking point.

The sauce might smell a bit like vinegar, no worries, that will fade away after a while. Keep heating it until it becomes a thick sauce like structure. Check this by looking on how it drips on the spoon. (Keep in mind it looks thinner then it is while hot.)
On th image you'll see how the sauce starts sticking on the top of the spoon.

Like I mention in the ingredient list; You can use concentrated tomato paste. This will get you a thicker sauce, but I was not a big fan of the flavour coming from that.

If you keep it thin, you can use it like a glaze. Like on this Tri-tip. But I advise to make the glaze instead.

4 simple ingredients to create a nice BBQ experience.