Drunken Duck

I love sharing my drams. When I have a great bottle, I tend to fill a few tubes with tasters for friends and hand them out. More often than not, I receive them back filled with a dram I have not tried yet. A great way to discover whisky.
But I also share a dram with my food ance in a while. Hence this drunken duck!


  • 2 duck breasts

  • A dram of an "oaky" whisky (you need to be able to taste the barrel)

  • Salt & pepper

Serve with:

I served this duck with the whisky I used for the cooking: Nobushi
Other pairings are ok as well, if you watch what you are serving as a side dish. I used a ratatouille with not too much pepper. This way the soft Japanese blended whisky was a fine match.


Dab the duck breasts dry. This is an important step, because in a minute, it will get moist pretty soon.
Carve into the skin, but not into the meat. Make a raster or parallel lines.
I use a cooking syringe for the next step. You really need one!
Maybe I should have mentioned that earlier.
Anyways: Load half a dram per breast into the syringe.
Poke the duck on multiple spots and inject the whisky into the meat.
The duck will start to "sweat" more, since you are adding liquid straight into the meat.

Heat op a pan and place the duck on the skin side. Let the duck fat seep out enough, so you have a thin greasy layer to bake in.
Turn the duck over for 3-4 minutes on medium high temperature and back again.
I used a Nobushi Japanese whisky and served with a quick ratatouille.