Marmalade with whisky

Normally I use this section for recipes or pairings.
But this "thing" came on my path and I just did not know where to place it.
Since it is food, I think this section is the closest to a food section I have.
If you landed on this page because you were looking for a recipe for marmelade, I apologize.

"Have you ever tried this?"

This is what my colleague asked me regarding marmalade with whisky.
"What do you mean? I'm not sure I even had marmalade without whisky!"
"At my local supermarket they sell this marmelade with whisky. It made me think of you and your hobby. Want me to bring you one?"
I answered yes and forgot about it.

But recently I had a meeting with this colleague and she surprised me with a small gift: Mackays Orange marmalade with whisky.
So here I am, writing about a jar of marmalade out of a supermarket. Why?
Because it is whisky related!

Normally I do not do my tastings on a weekday during lunch time.
I suppose the proper way woud have been to try it at tea time, but I do not have a clue what time tea time is, plus I was hungry.

While putting some bread in the toaster, I inspected the label on the jar.
Did it truly contain whisky?
On the list of ingredients I spotted my answer "Whisky (3%)".
Since no alcohol percentage is mentioned, I assume the whisky as ingredient is added before heating, cooking or baking (I don't know! I never made marmalade!) the marmalade. Neither was I any wiser on what whisky was added. (I do know they have a Bowmore edition, but that's not this one.) So how does it taste?

Like I said, I tried it on toast. Or rather: With toast.
I wanted to see if I could spot the whisky without the bread.

Sniffing the marmalade, I did not spot it. It might be there, but I mainly got the oranges and sweetness.
Tasting it however, gave me a very small hint of oak and even a small hint of spirit. (Although there's no alcohol in it.)
After a few bites on toast, I noticed that I was able to spot it, although very faint.
So this is not something where the whisky is a dominant flavor in the whole product.

Would I buy it? I think not. Looks like I'm not a big marmalade fan. Should you buy it? If you are curious, like marmalade and whisky and know what time tea time is, yes!

Thank you Marlies, for getting me this jar.