Tropical Tartan

With the sun coming out, I thought it was time for a series of Single Malt Cocktails.
The temperature is rising fast, so number five in this series is  very fresh and tropical  one I put together: the Tropical  Tartan
Warning! This cocktail contains a natural source of caffeine. This is no late night cocktail but more of a refreshing daylight sipper.
I kept my ingredient list short, but you can add fruit juice of choice if you want, giving it more color. However, the basis is already very sweet and sugary, so I kept it simple.




First a small warning. Guaraná is a natural energy supplement. A pure extract would give you 3-4 times more caffeine than coffee. However, in this soda, it has actually less caffeine than in a glass of Coca-Cola. Still something to be aware of.

My result

A lovely mellow cocktail/mixer. I like how refreshing this one is, but it is definitely not that sweet or too sweet.
The sweet Glenburgie is still really there and is able to add it's own part to this cocktail in sense of sweetness and fruitiness.
Now, if you like your summer drinks sweeter, you can add extra fruit juice, but watch out for the fruits that are able to turn this sour or bitter (Mango or pineapple for example.)
Or, if you want, you can add 2 cl of sugar syrup.
Let me know what you think!

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