Whisky Fudge

On my whisky cabinet stands a tin of Edradour Whisky Fudge. It is still closed. I'm saving that. But it inspired me to try something.
I wanted to try to make fudge. With whisky.
And boy did it turn out as a very nice delicacy!


  • A can of condensated milk (I used Friesche Vlag.)

  • 150 grams of light caster sugar

  • 100 grams of salted butter (Unsalted can be used too, but I only had salted.)

  • (Optional: vanilla extract.)

  • Whisky (I used the Port Askaig 8 years old for it's peaty flavor)


  • cooking pan

  • Springform pan

  • Baking paper

  • A proper handmixer. (I did it by hand and it took a while.)


  • Put al the ingredients in the pan and place it on your heat source.

  • Put it on medium heat.

  • Stir the ingredients until all the butter and sugar are dissolved.

  • Keep stirring and put it on medium-high heat.

  • If the mixture starts bubbling, keep on stirring for at least 10 minutes.
    (You can turn the heat a bit down if you think it is going to hard, but keep stirring!)

  • Take the mix of the heat source and let it rest for max 5 minutes.

  • Add the whisky of your choice to the mixture, I used about half a dram.

  • Cover your springform with baking paper

  • Go back to you mixture and start stirring it again (Do not put it on the stove again!)

  • Keep stirring until you see a matted glaze over your fudge.

  • If the mixture stays firm when you remove your mixer, you can pour it in the form

  • Put the mixture in the form and really press it into the form.

  • Leave it for a couple of hours to settle and cool on room temperature and then cut it into blocks.

My results

I know there are a lot of recipes for fudge (with whisky) out there.
But I truly enjoyed doing this and had to share it with you.
Like I said, I used a salted butter and a peated Islay whisky. This combination leaves a very nice flavored fudge. Withholding the vanilla, an ingredient found in most fudge recipes, will give you more focus on the sweeter notes of the whisky.

Try it for yourself and enjoy!