BEEK Haran 2012

Iberian Hogshead makes this one delicious

Early march I visited Whiskyfestival Gouda. After the festival, you were able to order bottles that you liked.
Smart move! Giving people that opportunity after some drams must have lead to quite a sale. I ordered this bottle. Why? Because I had a very nice talk to the bottler himself, Jan Beek, and really enjoyed this whisky that night.  And free delivery was offered by the organiser.
Then the waiting began.

After the first week without any news, I decided to make a phonecall.
My bottle was not yet in, but it was expected somewhere in the next week.
I decided to waiver the free delivery and pick it up on Saturday, since I was planning to visit the city centre anyway. Unfortunately, no whisky yet.
Repeat the above a couple of times, even with a delivery from the company distributing the Beek whisky, but missing this specific bottle.
I almost forgat why I wanted it.
But then, after more than 6 weeks, I got a call. My bottle had finally arrived and was ready for pick-up. Which I did that very afternoon, joking to the storekeeper that the whisky was probably aged a couple of months more for me.
(The whole process makes me think twice about ordering at that store in the future.)

But enough complaining about the delivery, we are here for the whisky.
After opening the bottle, I remembered why I liked it. This 10 year old Spanish whisky aged on "Iberian Hogshead" and was bottled at 52,5% Vol. No color has been added.
But what a beautiful color is is: Almost a warm orange color.
A quick dance around my glass left a medium, oily line, that left thick droplets that turned slowly into thick legs.

The nose is immediately there: A thick note of smoke. Made me think of a BBQ with proper oak charcoal. Then other notes follow: Oranges, cloves, honey and weirdly enough: asparagus. On the second nose, I got oak and almonds. And maybe it is the "Iberian hogshead" thats placed on the label, but I even got some Iberico ham.

The taste is full of the same smokeynes, then some cinnamon with apple. I do think there is a lot of spirit in there, but not in a way that it bothers me. Some spicey notes on the back of the tongue. Then ending in some fudge and even some saltiness.

The finish is medium long and leaves a sweet note on the tip of my tongue, almost like cotton candy sweet. Some oats and nuts in the middle and a peppery hint in the back. Love this finish!

This bottle was worth the wait. And a very nice price for this unique bottle as well. (As do most Beek bottles to be honest.) Will try other Beek editions in the future!