Benriach The Original 10

I was influenced. That's why I got it.

I was influenced. Last year around this time, we are speaking about April/May 2022, It was about a month before the launch of my website and I was watching daily posts from some "dramfluencers" on Instagram a lot.

And suddenly, it was everywhere. Benriach The Original 10. And with everywhere, I mean almost all dramfluencers suddenly wrote about this bottle online or made beautiful posts on Instagram about it.I was not even blogging about whisky yet, I was still experimenting and looking around in the big wide awesome world of whisky. So I was Influenced.
Apparently this bottle was a must have!  All the  whiskybloggers I followed, suddenly had it!  So, I promised myself, next time I  spotted one, I would get a bottle.

And promises are meant to be kept.  So I found it, bought it, and placed it in my cabinet. To see it dissapear in to the bigger drawer underneath my cabinet. To be moved to the back of that drawer. Almost to disappear behind other, newer bottles.
But then there was a small app on my phone, that reminded me of this photo of a year ago. And with that, reminded me of this bottle. So, it was time.
Time to open this 'Three cask matured' Speysider.

Now, this is my first "three casks" that I write about. I think I had some before, but if I say "I think" the doubt is there because those evenings were fun!
This whisky is aged on ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and virgin oak casks.
The color is a beautiful yellow that, with its viscosity, reminds me of a nice full white wine on a nice summer day. Except it is whisky and not wine!
I got a very, very thin line after a swirl.

On the nose: Fresh, but also some chalk. Summer apples going toward Granny Smiths. Some dried apricots and oak. I even have some very slight coffee hint on the end.

Taste: Dry and fresh. This will be my summer whisky I guess! Some pear, white grapes, light hints of leather and dry oak. A slight peppery taste in the end.

The finish is rather short, but starts extremely fresh. Like mixing apple juice with sparkling water. Then the dryness again, with a weird combi of dried figs and chalk in the end. Love that.

Like I said, I like this one for summer. Instead of a dry white wine, I will go for this one! Was I badly influenced? No, I like this bottle.
Should I kept it stored and closed for a year? Maybe, Maybe not. I might have opened it last year and I would have enjoyed it all the same.
Would I buy it again? Maybe, If I feel like I want a whisky like this!