Blackadder Black Snake VAT10 3rd Venom

If this is venom, get me poisoned!

I had an easter holiday. Perfect time to open a new bottle. After playing rock-paper-scissors with myself to decide which bottle to open, the choice fell on this Black Snake from Blackadder independent bottling company.

This whisky was bottled for Whisky Import Nederland, hence the Dutch flag on the label I guess.
So we do not know what whisky was used to fill the sherry butt, only known as VAT 10.

When I encountered this bottle on sale, I just had to buy it. I do not know why, I just had to. And so I did.
It spend some 3 months in my little cabinet until last Monday. When I openend it.

The color of this whisky is best described as a warm amber. Which is something you might expect from a whisky that has seen a sherry cask for a while. Since it has no age statement, we will never know how long It has seen that sherry cask from the inside. I do know it was bottled in January 2019 and that I had bought bottle 198 of 478.
With a 85.7% vol is seems this is a cask strength whisky. Also not colored and un-chill filtered.

Nose: dry cookies, warm grains, oatmeal, sultana’s, dried apricots. A bit spirity.

Taste: very warm and intense flavors. Almost syrupy on the tongue. Oak and leather. Fruity but also tobacco. Beautiful sherried flavor.

Finish: Long, warm and spicy. Sweetness from figs lingers in the end.

Score: 86