Bowmore Aston Martin 10yo

Dark and intense? Yes.

I wrote a small blog about travel retail bottles.
You can find that here.
And in the images used, like the one used here, was a major spoiler:
This bottle.

I briefly mentioned I had not opened it yet.

Now, when you google this bottle now,
You might something different.
It has different packaging by now. Bowmore repackaged the whisky and replaced the car on the label and box with a different image. The color changed as well: The label and box are grey now. I think this is a way of making these editions collectible for two target audiences: Whiskyfans and Aston Martin fans or car enthousiasts.

This Bowmore edition, working together with Aston Martin, has been released as a travel retail edition. Which means it was developed for airport sales.
However, a quick search online shows several webshops that offer this edition as well. But with a pretty big price difference. I found shops selling it for 90 euro.
Luckily for me, a friend brought it for me after a trip to Scotland.

This edition is bottled in a 1 liter bottle. Not uncommon for the travel retail section.
It is bottled at 40% and I assume colored.
But what a color. Standing out against most of my whiskies, it has the color of almost a deep red brown. I truly enjoy this color in my glass.

And then the nose. Oh how I love the nose on this whisky.
The longer it stands, more hints of aroma's keep popping up.
At first I said jokingly that I got the hint of fresh luxury car smell. Warm leather. But you also get the sherry immediately. Sultana's, dried apricots, christmas pie, dark chocolate and some caramel sea salt candy.

On the tongue it hits differently: Sultana's, light smoke, some silt, some autumn fruits and nuts. I love how subtle the peaty flavor is against the sweet notes.

Finish: A nice long finish. Spices, smoke, nuts, and again those sweet fruit notes. This time I got some coffee as well.

I really like this one! Might have to add this to my travel retail wishlist again.
The dark & Intense is mostly about the nose I think, because the time I spend sniffing this one before tasting it, intense.

Thanks Lisette, for being my whisky mule!