Dingle lá le Bride

Oh this dram, this beautiful dram

Recently I visited a tasting hosted by DRAM1, the growing whisky company of my buddy @dramblingman.
Always fun, visiting a tasting, hearing the stories, tasting new drams.
And often you'll discover something that just grabs you and makes you want to get the bottle. Yes, those drams.

It happened in the second half of the tasting. We just finished the first half, three very nice drams to be honest, when this dram appeared on the table.
It had to prove itself, following a peated dram. The contrast needed to be awesome.
And there it was:
Dingle's Lá le Bríde.
A special edition, part of the "Wheel of the year" series.
I was stunned for a moment. Wow.
And that was just on the nose. I think I missed 50% of what was being told.
Simply loved this dram.

So, this Irish whisky was aged on an ex-bourbon cask, but finished on an ex-rye cask.
It was bottled at 50,5% vol. and had a beautiful light straw color. 
It leaves an oily and thin line in my glass after a twirl with some medium legs.

On the nose you get malts, thick caramels, and some grains. Next to that, sugared fruits, going towards Turkish delight. Some honey covered grapefruit out of an oven.
It is just such a full bouquet. I can just sit down and keep sniffing this dram. A while after the first sniff, I get strawberries, maple syrup and some walnuts and raisins.

On the mouth I get a warm creamy, almost velvet feeling, followed by dried strawberries, currents, some malts, honeyed grains and sweetened breakfast cereals.  The palate has a lot less layers of flavor compared to the nose. But still fullbodied.  On the back of the tongue I got some light acidic notes like painted leather.

The finish is medium long, it keeps the sweet flavor and some of the dried red fruits. Then it turns towards dried figs, I can almost feel the little seeds of the figs crunch between my teeth while I let the taste linger.

Oh, yes. I've ordered this bottle.
I know DRAM1 has another tasting later this year, and I'll be visiting. He was able to surprise me with this dram, so I'm looking forward to discover something else!
No pressure Martijn, no pressure at all!