Dunnage Nougat

Yes, I know. Two SMWS bottles in a row.

I was having a lunchbreak. With a complete unhealthy habit of eating behind my desk (Even when working from home.) I checked my email while taking a bite out of a peanut butter sandwich. I had received an email from the Society with some attention to a new Batch edition: Dunnage Nougat.
I'm not going to lie, the label attracted me immediately. Then I read the description and the tasting notes and I was sold. And so was a bottle of the SMWS. To me.
Yes, eating your lunch behind your desk is an unhealthy habit. Because you might buy too much.
The bottle arrived and I placed it in my cabinet, to be opened in the future.
Or so I thought.
Enter Drambuddy Dramblingman , who visited to drop something of.
A great opportunity to open this bottle and share a dram with him!

As we both really enjoyed this dram, I had to review it. And that means you will find two SMWS bottles in a row on this blog. Sorry, not sorry. 

Like I mentioned, this is a batch edition. Batch 21 to be exact.
The special thing about this batch, is that they took a very nice Speyside whisky and put it in a set of different types of custom coopered casks.
You can read it all on their own site, and below you will find my notes.(With a bit of an input from Dramblingman.)

This 9 year aged whisky was bottled at 50% Vol. The color balances a bit between apple juice and a hibiscus ice tea. Making it dance around my glass leaves a very thin line, but with tiny almost pearl like droplets.

On the nose we got sweet red fruit, think raspberries and blueberries. But also a combination of both of those in a light yoghurt. We got some oak, but in a corner of our olfactory senses, be got ripe camembert and an old barn floor.

The palate was varying over time. At first lots of oak, wet wood, apple and vanilla, then shifting towards cotton candy, red fruits and roasted almonds. Even some dried cranberries.  I loved returning to this dram and discovering new layers!

The finish is medium long, and goes more toward the " bitter notes", paired by honey and pears. The bitter notes being a light leathery note and some tobacco.

Great dram. Loved opening the bottle with a drambuddie.