Edradour 2010 12 yo Ibisco 

You have heard of sherry bombs, meet sherry nuke!

No. I know what you're thinking. That is not a bottle of hipster cola.
No, it is also not a decanter full of ancient port.
It is the Edradour 2010 Ibisco decanter.  (Doesn't it look fancy?)

So, a while ago,  I got a bunch of gift cards for one of my favourite whisky stores in the Netherlands. Always nice, to spend those gift cards on something you like.
And since I had seen this decenter, but always come home with something a bit more yellow, I decided this time it was coming home with me.
Back home, I noticed I did not have many sherry cask whiskies, so I decided to set it aside for a bit. Waiting for a moment to open it. You know, one of those special moments?
Well, I openend it because I felt like it, during a whisky dinner with some friends.
Right before we were switching to the peated whiskies, I wanted a sherry bomb.

Little did I know, I openend a sherry nuke. This bottle just impressed me so much.

This  whisky, matured on sherry cask no. 394 was bottled at 58,3% Vol.
This specific cask yielded 640 bottles.
The color is dark brown, going toward a cola color. A little dance around my glass leaves a thin , but very clear line and some thick legs.

On the nose:  Raisins, dried figs,  Very sweet fruits as well, some fresh picked cherries and raspberry. Some addition of chocolate and a little oak.

Taste: an explosion of  sherried goodness. Leaving it a little longer in my mouth  changes the dried fruits to roasted hazelnuts and chocolate. Almost a dark Nutella.
A second sip gives me a cherry liqueur mixed with some fresh grounded tobacco.
In a funny way, I'm also experiencing some basilicum.

The finish is medium long and rather strong at first. Giving me the more bitter notes over the sweet notes, But I like that. At the end, a little feeling of dryness lingers between dried honey and oak. Love that.