Firkin whisky co.

Tasting a very nice line-up

Recently I received a whole set of samples to taste, try and possibly review from the brand ambassador for Spirits Services.
I'm a very big fan of some of the whiskies they are able to distribute in the Netherlands, as i already told in my blog about Whiskyfestival Gouda.

So goin forward a bit in time, I received a set of samples that also contained this nice line-up of Firkin Whisky. (Photo credits for the boxes and bottles goed to Confessionsofawhiskyfreak)

So I decided to do a small tasting with all the samples from Firkin whisky that were in the batch. I mean, it was weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to try them in a tasting.
This way I can not just try the whiskies, but also compare them to others in the same selection.
I contacted Confessions and asked what he tought should be the order of whiskies.
So, from starting dram to finishing dram:

The Firkin 49

This 8 year old whisky (2012-2020) was bottled at 48,9% after ageing on Oloroso and Amontillado casks.
Nose: I got some dusty caramel,  some citrus in bergamot type,  some malt and even something acidic.  Also some dried nuts and some oak.
Taste: Immediately a fresh citrus and  fresh melon flavor on my tongue, followed by  some bitter notes from the oak. Some burnt sugar and even some tobacco.
Finish: Medium length, fresh cut grass and some orchard fruits

The Firkin Ten

This 11 year old whisky (2008-2020) was bottled at 48,9% after ageing on Madeira cask.
Nose:  Some warm summer fruits: Apricots,  nectarines and plums.  Some dried basil. I had some vanilla and molten butter.
Taste: Spicy! Fresh warm notes going towards a full red wine. With some black pepper. Then the fruits: apple and the apricots return. Also some fresh oranges.
Finish: Medium length, Very citrussy. Love the mix between spicy and fresh on this one!

The Firkin Rare

I could not find the age on this one, just the fact that is was distilled in 2009. It was aged on Tawny Port cask and bottled at 48,9%.
Nose: I did not get the port immediately. I got a Bourbon cask feeling on the nose. Sweet notes like marmelade, orange chutney, honey and some maple syrup. In the end some red fruits. Almost a sweet mix to make milkshakes with.
Taste: Full and velvet on the tongue. Hints of pressed figs, dried dates, but then also some different notes: Bitter like rubber bands, some oak and lemony acidity.
Finish: A little shorter then his predecessors, with mild tannines and dried oats.

The Firkin Islay

Again, I could not find the age on this one, just the fact that is was distilled in 2010 and aged on Marsala cask. Bottled at 48,9%.
Nose: Ah yes, peated whisky. A hint of bandages when I spilled some on my hand while pouring. Something meaty, almost like lightly roasted pork. And some smoked fish. Spring onions and carrots. Also some fresh fruits like peaches and apricots.
Taste: Tingely on my tongue. Fresh apples come to mind, then the peat hits. Smokey snack at the beach. Some saltiness in it.  
Finish: Medium length, with a somewhat chalky note dominating over pear and honey. 


I think my favorite is the Firkin Islay. Which is a bit weird since I'm a bigger fan of the more fruity and full whiskies like the Benrinnes and Teaninich in this set. But The Coal Ila just did it for me in this tasting.
Going back and forward between the drams, I notice how fresh the Tullibardine becomes, making it a good number 2 for me. The Benrinnes and Teannnich both get a bit dusty or "old closet" if  I return. And I cannot get rid of that when I try to.
I truly liked this line-up to try on a sunny sunday afternoon. Funfact: I only noticed the fact that all whiskies were 48,9%  when I was writing this conclusion.  I missed that during the tasting.
If I encounter the Islay in a store, I would bring it home.