Hibiki Harmony
Master's Select

Japanse whisky with a BBQ

It was one of those spontaneous happenings: A BBQ with friends last weekend.
We were all gathering for some bites, snacks, laughs and more. (For example a big nerdy LAN-party with 7 PS5s and 7 big, wide flatscreens in one room.)

Just before I left to the meet, I contacted another whiskyfan in this specific group of friends and asked if I should bring something. He said I should and he would brind the Goalong for a bottle kill and a Hibiki.
I decided to bring the Glasgow 5 as something stronger to go with the beef and Porkbelly burnt-ends.

In between the small, but very delicious bites from the grill, he decided I should open his bottle of Hibiki Harmony Master's Select.
I did, with shaking hands and a bit nervous. Why?
Well, for once, Hibiki is not a cheap whisky. I did not want to break the cork or worse, the bottle. Secondly: Look at the bottle and its design.
It is a beauty and in just the design, demands a form of respect.

Tasting notes

It was a BBQ and we were having fun. So I forgot to take a picture of the whisky in my glass. (You might see the coloring in the video.)
It is bottled at 43% and had no age statement.
The color is that of a dark golden hue, going towards amber.
After a twirl in the glass, a medium thick line formed on the glass dripping into medium thick legs.
I could not wait to try this whisky!

On the nose I got multiple layers. At first a rich and thick vanilla going towards coconut. Some fresh oak, some ripe pear. Then the second layer, with more savoury notes: fine bitter tones of chocolate, dried wood and cappucino.
On the second nose, after my first sip, those layers were joined by some very fresh and fine citrus tones. From grated lemon peel goind towards sugared lime. I even had some more tropical fruit notes like pineapple.

Taste: An immediate flavor explosion on my tongue and in my mouth. Sweet and fruity. Fresh pear with warm honey, vanilla, autumn apples, toasted oak and a very sugary note going towards molasses.

The finish I found to be a bit too short for my liking, but was unique in its own way: sweet nuts like Brazil nuts, sugared pecans. I even had some fine lingering flavor going towards anise as used in sweets.

I really liked this dram. I think it was the best one of the night.

Thank you Tim, for letting me open this bottle and try this dram!