Legendaire Tresor Vin de Paille 

Talk about a fruit fly infestation!

Sometimes you encounter something that you just not expect.  Like a complete infestation of fruit flies when drinking a whisky. Story time: I was sitting on my couch watching a movie and fancied a whisky. So I stood up, went to my whisky storage corner and decided to open a bottle recently gifted by my parents after visiting France. Legendaire tresor. With a finish on ex-Vin de Paille cask.
Now, Vin de Paille is a wine typical for the French Jura region (Where this whisky also originates from.) and is made with grapes that have been dried on straw. (Vin de Paille literally translates to straw wine.) This creates a very sweet wine and the whisky is finished on such casks.
In theory, the sweetness should have an effect on the whisky. Something that was already proven when I put down my glass and walked away for maybe half a minute.
The result: Several suicidal fruit flies, that I was not aware were in my house, had stormed the castle and died in my glass.
They were attracted by the very sweet and fruity scent of this whisky.

So after fishing out a couple of very tiny insect carcasses, I was able to try this whisky.

This  French Single Malt was bottled at 44% Vol.
I could not find any  information about chill filtering or added colouring,  but when I do, I will update this page.
The color of this whisky is a warm yellow, almost like it was designed to go after that " Paille". A twirl in my glass left, next to some sticky dead fruit flies, a thin line with some droopy legs.

On the nose:  Cereals and grasses.  Some light hint of powdered cinnamon and  raisins.  Some fresh plums, the ones with that bitter skin where sweet en bitter mixes into something fresh. Not many layers, but enough.
Taste:  My immediate thought was that of  a very  grainy beer. Some malt and the freshness of a beer on a hot day, Ending in some  fruity and in a weird way silty flavors lingering.  The fruit goes towards gooseberries and green apple, mixed with some gojiberries. A very weird but fresh combination in a whisky!
Finish:  An almost dry feeling lingers with a hint of  sugared fruitjuice in my throat. The siltyness on the taste now almost chalky. But in a nice way. It does not linger long. So a short finish.

With the price it is for sale at, you cannot go wrong with this one: Fresh, fruity and something else.  

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