Wilson & Morgan Linkwood 2011 Quercus Alba

An Italian experiment with a kick

I had some comments about my background for some of my photo's.
So what do you think about this one? I like this one. It will be a one of a kind.
In front of this background is this awesome bottle that I had a dram of:
The Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection Linkwood 2011 Quercus Alba. I think that is the whole title. Did I miss a part?
Wilson & Morgan is an independent bottle agency based in Italy that has some unique ranges. Like most independent bottlers, they offer cask strength bottles and what they call "the decanter series" where you get a special whisky in a special bottle. They also have this "barrel selection range".
If I understand this serie correctly, it is a mix of different barrels that create this particular single malt.
I'm just going to quote
their website:
"Our experiments with blending virgin oak barrels with more traditional bourbon casks, an innovative recipe that we call Quercus Alba, have reached new levels of finesse. The results of this balanced equilibrium between different kinds of oak can definitely be felt in the delicious drinkability, flavour complexity and smoothness."

Reading a bit further, this whisky has seen a refill barrel as a main cask and a finish from a
"Blend of 2nd fill Virgin Oak and 2nd Fill Bourbon Barrels".

So let's try it!

Distilled in 2011 and bottled in 2022 means this is an eleven year old whisky.
It is bottled at 46% Vol. I could not find anything on coloring or filtering.
If anyone knows, let me know!

The color of this whisky is
a straw colored yellow and after waltzing the whisky in my glass I got a thick line with firm legs.

On the nose:
Warm, honey, cookies, barley, apple. A second sniff gave me straw, hay, fresh green grass and pear. It felt like a real summer bouquet!

A very easy going whisky. At first. Then it gets a bit spicy. Hints of oak, marshmallow, licorice root and citrus. Some smaller bitter notes that I could not place.

The finish:
Long and lingering with spices, warm honey. Sugary hints of marshmallow and cotton candy. Again some light bitterness .

After a few sips I took a piece of 85% cacao dark chocolate. It made the whisky very fresh and fruity after that. Filtered the oak and bitter notes out of it.

This review was possible thanks to Tim, who was so kind to share a dram with me.