Mr. Peat

Unchillfiltered mystery 

Who is Mister Peat? Where does he live? Is he married? Is there a Mrs. Peat?
Do they have children? A whole family of little Peats?
I do not know.

What I do know is that I love design of this label and boxing of this bottle.
And to be very honest: That is why I bought it.
It was on sale and relatively cheap in terms of Whisky prices. So I decided to buy it with a gift certificate I had lying around.

After opening it, I had to know more.
So I went to our big friend Google and tried to find the origins or Mr. Peat.
And I found a whole flashy looking Wix website for Mr. Peat!

The website is continuing the awesome design of the label, described the whisky in a fun way and even shows a shot cocktail recipe to try with this whisky.
Next to a description on nose, palate and finish, underneath the facts that it is an unchillfiltered whisky, I could not find anything else.

Except it is bottled by (or for) the Fox Fitzgereld Group. A spirit brandbuilding company and part into investments in brands.
Looking at the range of products, I can still only try to guess what distillery produced this bottle of peated whisky.
And since  peated whiskies are not my forte, I decided to go for something I have tried before: Email  them by using the contactform offered on the website.
Untill I receive an answer, It remains a mystery!

So let's get to the facts you joined me for: How does it smell, taste and such?
Mr. Peat is a unchillfiltered "heavily peated single malt scotch whisky", bottled at 46% vol. Is has its natural color, that looks almost like slightly colored water (It is that light!). Since I could not find an age statement, it is a NAS whisky.

It is the first whisky I encountered that left almost no line in my glass. I was wondering if it was my glass, so I should try again sometime soon.

On the nose: Bam. Peat. But not that heavy as I would have expected for something called Mr. Peat. (But can you smell PPM's?)  It has a very pleasing smell of smoke. Like sitting in your backyard on a warm summer evening and the whole neighbourhood decided to have a BBQ. After that some very light scorched seaweed and iodine. Something earthy like dried clay. And then, at the  very end:  gingerbread.

Taste:  Very  fresh notes marinaded in smoke. Some fruits, some grasses. leaving it on the tongue a little longer leaves short sweet hints of melon.

Finish: Medium long. Smoke. Some oak. 

So now the big question: Would I buy it again?
For the price I paid for this bottle, and the fun I had with it until now and the bonus points I'm giving for the awesome branddesign and corresponding website, yes, yes I would.