Spearhead single grain scotch whisky

The part where I do half a review.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Whisky in Leiden festival.
I think I might write something about that later, but let's summarize that story by telling that I tasted a lot of very nice whiskies.
(I start drooling thinking back on that evening.)

One of the stands had Spearhead. A single grain scotch whisky.
And although I never tried it, and wanted to, I did not order it.
Because some time before this festival, I was offered a taster by
Confessionsofawhiskyfreak. Since he already did a great blog about this whisky, I'm just going to do a short review. You can read the full story of this whisky on his website. You'll find it here.

I like single grains. They always have this flavor that makes me want to eat some grilled or smoked pork or chicken. Why? I guess the sweeter tones in the grain.
This whisky has a golden color, almost going towards orange.

On the nose: Dark chocolate, morning coffee, vanilla and dried flowers. It made me think about having a summer lunch in a field in France.

Taste: Cane sugar, fudge, citrus. Small bitter hints reminding me of fresh arugula. Maybe the summer was in my head while tasting it.

Finish: It has a very long, but soft finish. Warm, but fresh. A return of the fudge in the taste and a lingering vanilla.

Score: 78

A special thanks goes towards Robbert, a.k.a. Confessions of a whisky freak. Do me a solid and follow him on insta or visit his blog.