Stauning Rye Whisky

A nice Danish surprise

Sometimes you just encounter something you want to share. So, with the worst photo's ever, I like to review this great bottle I encountered at a tasting with friends.

I don't drink rye whisky often. As a matter of fact, until earlier this year
in San Diego, I had not even tried it. And now a second one was poured in my glass within 6 months of each other.
I had seen the bottles before. This Danish brand has
a really cool distillery and creates a series of different whiskies. All made with local ingredients. And that seems to be a thing for me lately. I reviewed a couple of French whiskies that use local barley, and have some others in my collection that are doing the same thing.
Stauning tries to use ingredients that are not further away than 3 km from the distillery. So this rye whisky, their first product on the market, is made from local barley and rye. And it has won prizes!
The latest I could find was "Best Danish Rye" at the 2022 World Whiskies Awards.
Which made me feel humble and at the same time determined to try other Danish (rye) whiskies!

Like I said, I was having a great night with friends, trying and tasting different whiskies. But when this bottle was openend , it immediately had my focus.
I could already smell something when my dram was poured and did not quite listen to the story my mate was telling.

At 48% Vol, this was not one of the strongest whiskies on the table, but it packed a punch on other parts. I simply loved the color

On the nose: Sweet tones, red fruits, vanilla, warm, spices, cloves
. It gave me the feeling of a nice summer dessert after a nice meal.

Taste: Sharp, warm and sweet. Hints of honey, but more of pepper and spices.
A little oak. Caramel like on a fudge sundae.

The Finish: Spices, warm honey
and a bit sharp. Stays on the tongue long. A sweet bitter note. Warm and some caramel.

I really liked this dram and will get me a bottle in the near future.

This review was possible thanks to Michiel, who was so kind to share a dram with me.