The Glenturret 10yo
Peat Smoked

A pretty packed dram

Recently I had a dinner with friends at my place and as usual, I offer them a dram after dinner.
This time, I knew dessert was still coming and knowing what was being served, I let my guest choose between two peated whiskies that I had open.
I realised that just to bottles in my cabinet were peated. So I opened the drawer underneath my cabinet and gave him a third option. A closed bottle of the Glenturret 10yo, Peat Smoked.

In 2018 this distillery was acquired by Art & Terroir in collaboration with the French Crystal designer Lalique.
And that designer left his mark on this series. Look at the shape of the bottle that the core range of whiskies of the Glenturret have since 2020!
I love the lines, the design, the fancy label.
In this case, as shown on the label, it was the 2021 release and part of their core series, in which the Glenturrets sports both peated and un-peated whiskies.

We enjoyed it  with the dessert and it was a great match.  Macadamia nut brittle icecream  from Häagen-Dasz. I can truly recommend trying that in unison with a smokey dram.
However, it was also a very sweet ice cream,  so it influenced the taste. I had to try it again without all that sweetness. And so I did.

Contrary to it's brother-edition the Triple Wood, this whisky is bottled at 50% vol.
It is natural in color and non-chill-filtered.

The color is that of warm full amber and a small dance in the Glencairn gives me a medium thick line with pairing legs, slowly flowing into the rest of the whisky resting in my glass.

On the nose: Peat and smoke, sure, but also sweeter hints of  fudge,  candied almonds,  oak, citrus and some light tobacco. A second sniff gives  me the chance to define what kind of smoke. Charred autumn leaves. Sounds weird, but that's the best way for me to describe it.

Taste:  Fresh notes of sweet citrus, some leather, salted caramel, and some walnuts. The peat and smoke are there, but not that heavy. They add a lingering smoke flavor to a very gentle fruity dram.

Finish: Medium long. It gives me some lingering notes of oak, mixed roasted nuts, and some dark chocolate. It ends with a tiny salty tinge. 

Why didn't I open this bottle earlier? We are almost into spring and this  could have been my Autmn  daily sipper!  It is a very warm, relaxing dram, giving me some rest and making me want to listen to Snow Patrol, reading a book in my favorite series!
It was a birthday gift, but would buy me a bottle again!