The Mackmyra range

Thanks to an online deal I had the opportunity to have a go at the full range of Mackmyra whisky. So on this page not just one bottle, but 5 different whiskies from the Mackmyra distillery. I was able to enjoy the whiskies during an online tasting. The full story of that adventure has been told on this page.


This single malt whisky is the Mackmyra base whisky. And, as described in the tasting, it is a very nice whisky to give to starters. And it is true! My wife, who is normally disgusted by the smell of a dram, not only was she willing to smell this whisky, she also poured herself a few drops to taste it. Still no fan, but she tried.
Back to the Mack:
On the nose: A very smooth sweet smell of fruit. almost tropical fruit. think of green apples, pineapple, mango. But all hints of it. No real heavy tone.
Taste: Very light taste. Almost as if the whisky was too shy to give flavor. Same fruity notes as on the nose.
Finish: A short finish. Does not linger long. Very "silky" sweet.
Score: 72
40% vol


This blended whisky is a very nice whisky to start with.
To be honest, I would serve this on ice on a hot summer day and love it.
On a cold winters night, not so much. I need a warmer buddy for those nights.
Nose: Very hard to find outspoken aroma's. When I found them after warming up to a dram of this whisky, I had hints of fresh apple and cotton candy or caramelized sugar.
Taste: Hints of
liquorice, fennelseed and a faint taste of vanilla. On the back of the tongue light smokey.
Finish: Lingering in a weird way. Almost a bit bitter. Like the peel of an orange. It is short though.
Score: 74
41,4% vol

Svensk Ek

After two very light whiskies, I got to try the Svensk Ek. Which means Swedish Oak. And it was oaky!
This was the first whisky of the set that teared in the glass after a swirl. With an immediate release of oak on the nose. So let's start there:
Nose: Oak. Wood. Not just Dry oak, also a hint of fresh, green oak. Vanilla, honey and some spice.
Taste: A strong spice flavor. Leather, a bit of angostura, and spirity.
Finish: A finish of barley, smoke and oak. It linger for a while with a nice tone on my tongue. Loved that finish!
Score: 80
46,1% vol

Svensk Rök

Ok. So the name of this whisky is literally Swedish smoke. So I expect smoke, peat, almost Islay-esque aroma's and flavor. But this, this was something different.
I had thick tears running down the glass when I swirled, almost oily. Already a feint sense of a summer campfire. The whisky is smoked with peat, but they put juniper branches on top of it. Is that what gives it this woodland feeling?
Nose: Peat, but I can only describe it as being "forest" peat. Specifically pine forest. Next to the smoke, you smell fresh pine needles. Almost a sweet aroma.I slight silty flavor going towards salty. The oily structure of the whisky was stronger than the taste. Is is light, sweet and summer.
Finish: For a peated whisky: very short. Sweet tones.
Score: 78
46,1% vol


The last whisky on this page. A seasonal edition from Mackmyra.
Limousin. For this whisky Mackmyra used limousin oak barrels from the cognac house Ferrand. This gives an unique fresh, fruity whisky. What a full flavored whisky this is. Everything about this whisky screams warm summer nights after a good full dinner.
Nose: Vanilla, fresh pears, cinnamon, honey, caramel, mint, nectarines.
Taste: Apple, vanilla, spice, cinnamon, walnuts and powdered sugar.
Finish: A sweet, warm fruity finish. Rather short unfortunately. But the nose and the taste make up for this short finish. It is just a whisky that you want to keep drinking.
Score: 84
46,1% vol