Sources. You got to have them if you like whisky. Because next to drinking the stuff, there is so much more to tell.
Now, there are several great sources for information or entertainment that I would recommend. On this page I'll keep adding people, books and streams to fun and relevant whisky sources.

DRAM1 - Website

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I sometimes do livetastings with the Drambuddies. This website is run by my Drambuddie Martijn, better known as Dramblingman.
He reviews a lot of fun drams and gives a clear and perfect overview of these whiskies. You can also check out his explorer packs, or, if you are in the restaurant business, a full whisky set for your menu!

The Elements of Whisky - Podcast

Every wednesday a new podcast hosted by Max and Lucia.
Together they talk about fun bottles, have some great stories behind bottles, editions, distilleries and are both good at hosting tasting events.
I'm just mentioning the podcast here, but you can find them on youtube or their website as well!

Fun fact: You can subscribe (For now just in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) to their podcast tasting!
For a small fee you get 6 different tasters every 6 weeks that you can try, while listening to the podcast!
I think that is a great idea to spread some knowledge and joy among whisky aficionados!

Link to the subscription, podcast and other events can be found on their website.

Confessions of a whisky freak - Website

Great website in Dutch to follow. Also a great account to follow on Instagram if you're on the "gram".
I like how open he is about prices, value for money and the way he writes about the drams he drinks.

Although I have not met him in person yet, we did drink from the same bottle because I send him a taster from a bottle that he had on his wishlist. That's how I roll.

Mister whisky freak, if you read this, I hope to meet up somewhere in the future and discuss whisky!

Whisky lifestyle - Website

A great website to visit and a great account to follow on instagram.

I stumbled upon this website because Noortje, the writer, put together the selection of my whisky tasting subscription and I decided to follow her on Instagram.

She drinks and writes about some pretty awesome bottles and I would like to buy every bottle she reviews. So check this out!

Drop Or Dram - Podcast

When I go out for a walk, I turn this on.
Already in season two while writing this, Drop Or Dram is a Dutch podcast that discusses so much facets of the great big world of whisky.
The two hosts have a lot of knowledge (and bottles I presume) and interview a wide range of guests about distilleries, special editions, investing in whisky etc.

Along the way they have great anekdotes and more than once each episode I tend to laugh.
I can, and would, recommend following this podcast

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Recently I joined the SMWS.
This society does member only, limited edition and one-of-a-kind bottlings, exclusive events and tastings, have branches across the EU and offer a world of whisky knowledge and content.

I love the meetings and tastings and the way they classify the bottles based on flavor profile.
Membership offers a lot of perks, but I like the stories of older members, while enjoying a dram.
See their website for all the details.

Feel like I missed something or do you want to be mentioned on this page?
Reach out! I'm always open to more information or sources!
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