Le Breuil
Duo de Malt

Call it a French wedding

During my summer vacation early June, I visited Chateau du Breuil. Known to be a Calvados distillery, they also produce whisky once in a while.
And rainy days make great days to visit distilleries!
After a tour over the grounds, looking at copper stills and visiting a warehouse with barrels, I was able to try the Calvados and after, the whiskies.

After trying it, I wanted a bottle of their Whisky Tourbé, the peated version.
Yes, this might be a spoiler for a review in the future.
When I was looking for that bottle, I encountered a bottle of Duo de Malt.
Explained by the sales lady as "Our finest blended whisky, made after eh, 'style Japonais'." A further explanation was that they tried to emulate the flavor profile of Japanese whisky. 
In a hurry and looking for a bottle to drink at the camping I was staying at, I plucked one of the shelves together with the Tourbé version and a Calvados giftset and headed back to a sunny camping. Where I opened another bottle, and kept this one closed until recently. 

When I opened the bottle and read the label with more time and focus, I discovered it is a blended malt. In a cooperation between Chateau Du Breuil and La Maison Boinaud, this whisky was created. (Maison Boinaud is known for fine wines and Cognacs.)
The whisky was bottled at 40% Vol. and I could not find any information about the filtration or coloring.  About that color: It has the color of a fresh and light chardonnay. Pretty pale yellow.

On the nose: Vanilla, lots of it. Then fruits: Peaches, pear and currants. Some fresh cut grass and dried grass. The end has something spicy and warm, like cloves and cinnamon.

The palate starts with some spice. White pepper with cloves. Then we get pears. And some light hints of caramel. Again some heat in the end and some oak. In the background I get some malt and fresh grains. All accompanied by some sweetness like sugared almonds.

The finish is a bit too short for my liking, but has some oak and apples.

This whisky goes great with sushi!