Peated Colada

With the sun coming out, I thought it was time for a series of Single Malt Cocktails.
The temperature is rising fast, so number six in this series is a derivative from one very famous cocktail: The Peated Colada




First a small warning. I used sweetened coconut cream. If you do not go for the sweetened version, your cocktail might get a bit too much towards a thick bitter drink. If you cannot find sweetened cream, add 5cl sugar syrup to the ingredients before you shake.

My result

A thick creamy cocktail that would go great with a BBQ! I even forgot to take a picture of the end result!
If you don't like it in the first try, try changing the measures: More sweetened coconut or more juice. Or less whisky.
It is all up to you to experiment a little bit. 

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