The Maltberry

With the sun coming out, I thought it was time for a series of Single Malt Cocktails.
The temperature is rising fast, so number seven in this series is a derivative from one very famous cocktail called the straberry Daquiri. But in this case, with a very nice bourbon cask whisky.

Ingredients (for a double portion):



First a small note: Although the series is called Single Malt Cocktail, today I used a blended malt. The reason for this, is that the whisky I used is just perfect for this cocktail. The light vanillin notes in it really add to the whole. That is why I'm recommending ex-bourbon cask whisky, the very nice vanilla notes.

My result

A bright red fresh cocktail, perfect for a sunny day like today.
Lots of fruit, really cold and just thirst quenching.

Some variants to mention:
-Blend some basil with the ingredients for giving it a more herbal note.
-Add some lemon juice to give it a more fresh-sour flavour.
-Add some extra vanilla to the list to make it a little richer.

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