DS Tayman - Linkwood 12

A noseful of wine cellar

Ok. When I started this website, I decided I wanted to write about my adventures, share some recipes and maybe do some reviews. When I realised I was doing way more reviews compared to recipes and adventures, I made a deal with myself: I would only review bottles. But then sometimes I encounter a dram and just have to share about it. Breaking my own rule. It seems that I, just like with purchasing bottles, have no spine when it comes to sharing my enthousiasm about certain drams.
So for the second time in a row, I'm reviewing a sample.

Shared with me by Dramblingman, this dram stunned me.
Being part of his "Explorers Pack Summer edition", he hit the nail straight on when selecting this dram.
A 12yo Linkwood, selected, finished and bottled by DS Tayman is hitting all the marks for a "Summer" single malt. Full of sparkling sunlight, I was very happy to enjoy this dram sitting in the sun outside.
Let me tell you more: 

This dram was aged on ex-bourbon casks, and finished on a Flam wine barrel.  This is a wine from Israel. Known for 'blending' grapes and for their kosher wines.
I think the wine cask gave this whisky its color: A full golden color with an orange hue to it. It is the natural color, because nothing was added. The whisky was also un-chill filtered and bottled at 46% vol.

On the nose: This is a full bodied whisky with an amazing bouquet of grapes,  raisins and orange peels. This is all combined with the  scents of a wine cellar, from the earthy musty scents, to wet oak and the chalk of the ceiling. I love it. I kept sniffing and not tasting it! But then I got curious, and I took a sip.

Taste:  The whisky felt  a bit oily  in my mouth,  giving me some of the previous mentioned orange peel, accompanied by ripe gooseberries. The  notes then evolve towards the more tannine notes, with a step in between of baked cashews. The tannines are of a light leather, together with something like cardamom.

Finish: The oily, almost fatty feeling remains quite long,  but with sweeter notes of warmed honey, some light cinnamon and a lot of sweet raisins.  

Thank you Martijn, for this very nice dram and sharing your photo.