Signatory Vintage Very Cloudy Cameronbridge 2012

A very cloudy review...

No, it's not your eyes being watery. No hayfever either.
No need to call your eye specialist. It is just the label.
This Lowland single grain whisky is part of the 'Very Cloudy' series by Signatory Vintage. But what does very cloudy mean?
Signatory Vintage explaines it on the label:
"Due to no chillfiltration, this whisky may turn cloudy when stored in a cool place. It is both more full bodied and full flavoured."

I have quite a lot of bottles in my selection that are not chill-filtered.
(Or without extra colouring.) So with that explanation, I would expect that all those whiskies would be eligible for a label 'Very Cloudy'?
(I tried to find more information about this, but only encountered other bottles in this series that are still for sale.)

This bottle has been gathering dust in the back of my whisky closet. It was part of a auction bundle that I won quite a while ago. (Remember the Pinwinnie?)
The reason for not opening it? Being a hoarder.
No other excuse than the fact that 2023 was a year in which I just kept hoarding bottles and not opening them. This and the fact that I have a certain rule about when to open a new bottle, made this bottle gather dust.

Until recently, when I played archaeologist in my closet and dusted this one off.
I was looking for  something different, I had an open slot in my  'open bottle section' and decided this one could be opened.

Now normally, I manage my bottles in the app of Whiskybase. But I simply could not find this bottle in that big database. Yes, there were other Signatory Vintage Very Cloudy Cameronbridge vinatge 2012, but they all consisted of different casks.
In this case: 166314, 166318 and 166321. Int his case, this bottle was bottled for Maison du Whisky. So maybe it is a limited version of this whisky?
Aged for 9 years, this dram was bottled at 40%.
After a small dance in the glass, the whisky still sticks a bit to the glass and leaves medium thick legs dripping down back into the liquid.
The color is a very light yellow, going towards a light green tea.

On the nose I was a little repulsed at first: Musty. Or as my wife explained it to me: It smells like the little piece of skin underneath your watch after a day of wearing it.
But that soon drifts away and a hint of sugared fruit pops up. Bread topped with fresh apple syrup. a slight hint of something acidic.
The taste starts late. And with that i mean: The liquid has already reached the back of my tongue way before the first flavor note hits. It is again the apple. Some hints of rice crackers and some sweet pears. But all a bit stale. It ends in a bit of an earthy note. Like slate. It does not carry much layers and a second visit or a drop of water did not add more for me.
The finish is short, giving me some vibes of honey.

Not one of my favourite drams, but refreshingly different.