The Ultimate - Linkwood 2008

I had to blow the dust off.

Almost a year ago, around 10 months or so, I was on the hunt for a specific bottle.
Long story short, I did not get the bottle I was looking for, but I did get home with some others. Yes, multiple, don't judge me!

On of those lucky bottles ended up on my " Closed bottles"-shelve. And when your on that list, it might be difficult to get of it. Because so many other are already open and available.

But earlier this week, I felt like popping open a new bottle and checked the shelve.
I found two bottles with a whisky distilled in 2008. And could not choose.

So, I did what every mature human being would do: I created a poll on my Instagram and let my followers decide.
For a full day, both bottles went head to head. 50% each. But in the end, this bottle prevailed:  A 14 year ol Linkwood, bottled by Dutch IB van Wees: The Ultimate.

This whisky has its natural colour and is non chill filtered.
It was bottled 46% and my bottle number was 79, but it is unclear to me out of how many others.

The color is a bright yellow and a quick dance around the walls of my glass leaves a very thin line, but no legs.

On the nose I get some white grapes,  oak, hay and some light pear juice. Not many layers to be honest.

The taste immediately gives some heat. White pepper in your apple juice. Some fuller notes of fresh fruit juice like apple and grapes. Followed by again some oak and some autumn leaves. The heat is a part white pepper , followed by an almost cinnamon like heat. (Did you ever do the cinnamon challenge?) It also ends with something salty that carries the heat a bit more.

The finish is rather short and  seems to be that of a white wine: Dry and a bit sweet. Something like the sourness of grapes and wet wood lingers for a short while.

In short, a nice whisky to use as daily sipper. Not one to enjoy for a long evening.
Would pair this with fish or drink it on a summer night outside.